About Us

iMAS supplies proven, competitive, world-class machines and leading Quality Assurance systems for the complete packaging process and lines.

Having identified the need to have a local supplier of leading & proven machines with a thorough knowledge of machine-building and the ability to provide effective technical support throughout all phases of machine selection, supply and support.
iMAS develops and strives to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by offering a superior range of automated packaging machinery, prompt and efficient service, as well as best value for money solutions.
In recognition of the importance of the role of our suppliers and customers to the success of iMAS, we work together with you to ensure mutually rewarding deals, with courteous service, value for money and the feel and the power of the wind in your hair: a sense of soaring with the eagles.


Local businesses only import or manufacture certain parts of the line, whereas we import and support the entire line. We can supply the machines within 8 – 16 weeks. 

We offer turnkey solutions, of which complete line acceptance is done at 1 location. 

Our Principals’ lifetime package deal is cheaper because they have already proven their performance in the European, American and Asian markets. 


Paul, the General Manager, has strong and unique technical qualifications (MSC Eng (Turbo) Mech) and expertise in machine building, plus knowledge of your market. 

We have already established relationships with both clients and machine suppliers in the industry built up over the past 13 years. 

We offer quality assurance systems, as well as machines.  

The diversity of our product range offers a large choice. Moreover, we offer package deals where the client can buy packaging materials matched to the machine. 

We focus on the sourcing, supply and support of proven machines. 

Dedicated machines to one process; 

Complete packaging lines; 

We can draw on the extensive resources of the industry giant IWKA to supply complete factory solutions. 

Thank you for your time in reading this. We look forward to building a good, long
and mutually beneficial relationship with you.